One Year of Taxing Crankiness…

WordPress just informed me that today is the one year anniversary of this, my humble blog.

On this momentous occasion – the first anniversary of the internet sensation that is my obscure blog. I would like to thank all of you who made Cranky and Taxing such an amazing, astounding success.

To those four people who actually read or watch this drivel… thank you. To those who actually follow me – you are my raison d’être. I love you more than Chocolate Covered Frozen Key Lime Pie on a stick. (Which is a lot! Cause that stuff is awesomeness x infinity)

Well I do exist to do actual work as well – but the sentiment is somewhat valid. Well I think it is… Anyhoo…
I hope year two will be more fun-filled and wacky!

Thanks Again!



Yea I am still here…

Sorry for the lack of updates…

I say *and* a lot in this video. It’s kind of annoying. Speaking of annoying – does YouTube have to pick the most unflattering still in a video for the preview? Do they have special software that searches for the stupidest look on your face or what?

RIP – my Asus laptop

I am sorry for the delayed post.

I am sad to announce that my beloved Asus laptop has passed on to computer heaven.

It’s last words to me were – USB device not recognized – then it went blank and was…gone.

I rushed it immediately to the geek squad at my neighborhood Bestbuy; they did all they could, it even looked like the laptop might pull through but alas… it was a fatal error. I am of course devastated.

I am sure everyone will understand that I need a few moments to mourn the passing… **sniff – we had such great times together, watching Netflix, tweeting til dawn and watching hours of cute kitten and puppy videos on YouTube. Oh cruel fate – WHY!!!

I was forced to go crawling back to my old HP laptop – which I had forsaken for the bright shiny new Asus- until I get a new replacement. So I will be able to resume my posts – as soon as my wounded heart is able to – which will probably be tomorrow morning.

Also I have more silly videos of me doing incredibly stupid things to share – courtesy of my assistant, Laura, who pretty much orchestrates the chaos that is my life.

Videos will posted on Fridays. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Here is Sunday’s politicians being funny –

Brett Kimberlin and the Justice of Google

The is something that cannot be ignored, its not a partisan issue.

Velvet Revolution

On November 19, 1989, the people of Prague, in the former state of Czechoslovakia, gathered to commemorate a massacre of Czech students by Nazi Germany fifty years earlier. By the end of the day, the gathering turned into a demonstration against a ruling  Communist government that had begun massacring Czechs and Slovaks from virtually the moment the Nazis were booted out. By December 29, 1989, without a shot fired, the protesters had driven out their Communist masters, electing poet, playwright, and political prisoner Vaclav Havel as interim President. This peaceful revolt by a peaceful people against their Stalinist puppet government became known as the “Velvet Revolution”.

On November 30, 2004, convicted terrorist bomber, drug dealer, and perjurer Brett Kimberlin formed a Maryland corporation for the purpose of soliciting tax-exempt donations from the public and charitable foundations, to promote an alleged “network of more than 100 progressive organizations reaching millions of…

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I thought the left were all about love and peace and unicorns – Didn’t Michael Moore just say hate will not sustain? or something.

Well which is it are the lefties blood-lusting warriors of big government hellbent on vengence or snuggly love-mongers who want to hug away the nations’ pain? These mixed messages are very confusing….