Friday – Bring on the Weekend!

I hope everyone is ready for the weekend! My family and I will be spending some quality time with Jocelyn who is in town. Albert is making preparations in case he needs to rescue us from any Pirates, Crime Syndicates, or covert International Espionage Agencies. We do get into some interesting situations…

Nothing better than time with family and friends. A comment made by Coachdaddyblogger reminded me of how lucky I am to have such a wonderful son. In tribute to my son’s patience with his insane mother – I thought I would share a photo of him enduring my parenting.

This is a picture of his birthday dinner.

I can’t believe how tall he is – my baby boy.

Morgan and Mom eye fix

My son looks great in that hat!

My son looks great in that hat!


One Year of Taxing Crankiness…

WordPress just informed me that today is the one year anniversary of this, my humble blog.

On this momentous occasion – the first anniversary of the internet sensation that is my obscure blog. I would like to thank all of you who made Cranky and Taxing such an amazing, astounding success.

To those four people who actually read or watch this drivel… thank you. To those who actually follow me – you are my raison d’être. I love you more than Chocolate Covered Frozen Key Lime Pie on a stick. (Which is a lot! Cause that stuff is awesomeness x infinity)

Well I do exist to do actual work as well – but the sentiment is somewhat valid. Well I think it is… Anyhoo…
I hope year two will be more fun-filled and wacky!

Thanks Again!


The Joys of Friendship…

I am blessed to call some truly remarkable people friends – but I am exceedingly fortunate to have my true friend, Jocelyn.

She is an amazingly talented writer and all around exceptional person.

Recently, I recorded some of our conversations while testing video recording software. When watching the videos later I realized something profound – the two of us are insane.

In this conversation Jocelyn was relating her vacation adventures with her Dad and another mutual friend Mel in North Carolina.They were traveling in a tiny economy car which wasn’t a remotely comfortable ride in the best of circumstances – especially with four people crammed together. Despite the challenges of a microscopic automobile and horrible road conditions Jocelyn’s Dad decided he must find the fabled waterfalls of Asheville North Carolina. It is important to note that once Jocelyn’s father has decided on something he wants to do no amount of discomfort or threats to personal safety will keep him from his objective.

This video is the story of one man’s unwavering effort and his daughter’s patient suffering. It was very difficult to find five minutes of coherent dialogue that didn’t contain generous amounts of profanity. (we are both of Irish lineage)

I felt perhaps some readers/ watchers might be amused by the tale.


Also – I may have something to say about the recent IRS scandal soon…

Avast Ye Scurvy Dogs!

Hi all –

I had just enough time to make a quick video on a subject that comes up a lot – the tax laws that apply to finding treasure.

I know, I know! It’s about time!

I didn’t really edit this video’s captions, so if there are typos, sorry – I’m pretty busy!


Here is a link to Reg. 1.61.

How I Came to Work in Taxation

Hello – the tax deadline is fast approaching! I hope everyone is ready for Monday!

I meet with many clients around this time and it never ceases to amaze me how I am often asked how I came to work in the tax profession.

Well… it’s a complicated tale. Luckily my personal biographer has just completed my completely accurate life history to the present – which should explain everything leading to my current occupational calling.

I thought I would share it with you.

Gezabelle’s life story as of 2013

Gezabelle D’Blogger , or Gez as she is known – has thus far led an exhilarating life full of adventure and discovery.

Gez was born on February 27 in the small quaint town of Henderson, Nevada. The daughter of migrant astronaut moon farmers, she lived in humble surroundings. Despite her meager environs, she dreamed of making it in the big city and worked hard at developing her now legendary talents.

After graduating from the esteemed Basic High School in 1986 she attended UNLV, where she majored in underwater basket weaving and earned her Bachelor of Science Degree. Confident that her education had provided her with an exceptional skill set, Gez embarked on a lucrative position in international espionage under the code name Gezabel Toadkiller. Regrettably, her promising spy career was cut short due to a freak waffle iron incident in the French Embassy.

Heartbroken and unemployed, she returned to Las Vegas to begin a new life. As a result of her excellent reputation and high level government connections it was not long after returning to Vegas that she secured gainful and meaningful employment. With her trademark optimism and can-do spirit she began a second career as a Space Alien Activities Coordinator and Planet Earth Tour Guide at Area 51. Again tragedy struck and despite a distinguished record of service and being four times decorated for Heroism and Bravery in a Buffet Line, she was forced to resign to avoid an intergalactic incident due to a scandal involving the Prime Minster of Zega Alfetti Five and a three bean salad.

Humiliated and disgraced, Gezabelle had no other option but to work as a janitor at McMurdo Station in Antarctica. Though she was facing a bleak and trivial existence, she soldiered on, determined to redeem herself in the eyes of the pan-galactic community and clear her name. While gracefully enduring these hardships she managed to accomplish her greatest and defining achievement -“ the uncovering of a Black Market penguin smuggling ring led by a notorious international criminal mastermind, Juan Carlos Smiftenberger.

After a prolonged battle, Gez single-handedly defeated Smiftenberger’™s sub-arctic attack squads and brought the vile criminal to justice. She returned home triumphant, reputation restored – a hero once more.

Unfortunately the years of combat coupled with her bon vivant lifestyle had taken their toll on Gezabelle and at the age of 44, she had to retire from the secret agenting profession. Satisfied with her past vocational efforts she returned to Las Vegas permanently. Now back in her home city, the 45-year-old former super-spy pursues a quiet life with her beloved partner Albert Mejia age 31, her son Morgan age 24 and her cat Reginald Fluffywhiskers age 2.

She currently works as a tax accountant.

Ah Spring… When a Tax Experts Thoughts Turn to Contemplations of Interpersonal Relations

In my work, I give a lot of formal written advice on possible tax issues. Apparently this has affected my daily writing style.

It was brought to my attention by my sweetheart that I may need to work on my writing style for my non- professional communications. I’m not sure what he means? For example, I sent him this heartfelt love letter, which I think clearly demonstrates my ability to effectively communicate in a style that is both appropriate and unambiguous to the situation at hand.

But please judge for yourself – Be warned the following text is pretty heady stuff.

Dear Mr. Mejia,

I affectionately hope you are having a productive and satisfying day. It is my intention to take this opportunity to let you know the extent to which I enjoy our continued romantic association, which is considerable. I sincerely desire that you find our continued amorous involvement mutually beneficial as well.

Additionally, I am composing this correspondence to inquire as to scheduling an appointment in the near future for an act of coitus. With said act to be performed at your convenience. If you would be as gracious as to consider a personal request, I would like to make a petition for an act of physical intimacy in “the male superior position” or as designated by Dr. Alfred Kinsey in his 1948 published work Sexual Behavior in the Human Male as “the English-American position.”

For reasons of clarity and full disclosure, please distinguish the contextual use of the designation “male superior” as a description for the aforementioned proposition as a technical term for the requested act and in no way conveys any assertion or acknowledgment of actual male superiority in the typical meaning of the word “superior”. If you would like further elucidation on the matter, I would be most amenable to providing you with further reference materials you may deem necessary.

If you are responsive to this invitation, please contact me with any scheduling recommendations, questions or requests.

It is also acknowledged and understood that any arrangement will not be considered a binding contract and neither party is under any obligation to perform once an arranged time is mutually agreed upon.

With heartfelt regards,

(And people say I lack romance in my soul)