Welcome to the World Little Mia!

Hello Cranky readers!

I had a great weekend with my beloved family! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.

We had a new addition to our little group with the birth of little Mia on Friday morning! Congrats to her wonderful parents John and Nancy and my sweetheart Albert on the birth of his beautiful niece.

As it is never to early to start thinking about you future, I have been explaining to little Mia that she has a great future as a tax accountant. I realize she is only three days old however I could tell Mia was very interested…

Mia’s mother is very understanding about Auntie Gez and her tax law obsession.

Let the week begin!


This doesn’t have much to do with taxes or anything I normally write about – however I found this blog post I wanted to share. It’s humorous and yet really thought provoking. I thought I would pass it along. – Enjoy!


Okay, so technically he can’t really be a sociopath because you can’t diagnose that in a teenager since the part of the brain that regulates conscience isn’t fully developed yet.  But he is definitely a sociopath in training and would probably be diagnosed with Conduct Disorder (especially if Principal Rooney had his way).  His parents and the rest of society certainly enabled his antisocial behavior.  According to the professionals, sociopaths have at least three of the below attributes:

1. failure to conform to social norms (check)

2. deceitfulness, manipulativeness (check, mate)

3. impulsivity, failure to plan ahead (impulsivity, check, but Ferris put quite a bit of planning into his day off; though he didn’t plan how he would support his teenage cheerleader bride)

4. irritability, aggressiveness (yes, on the one or two times he almost didn’t get his way)

5. reckless disregard for the safety of self or others (check…

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Busy, busy day

I have a huge workload today, so I won’t be able to post something until late tonight.

These people that hire my firm seem to think they pay me to like do stuff, like solve their tax issues. So I have IRS meetings and calls all day.

Added bonus – I also get to do a video conference today at 4pm. Hooray! 

Dealing with Holidays

Okay I know everyone loves time off from work – except those of us that are obsessed with what we do for a living.

I love the whole celebration of freedom etc., but it has totally messed up my work week.

I already have to deal with the inconvenience of sleeping and eating – not to mention weekends. But to have to give up billiable time mid-week. …/sigh

I should have a longer post up soon, I am still studing for my US Tax Court test which takes up a lot of time.