Advice for the single people over 40….

Well, I don’t have too much good advice except – accept that it sucks to be you. But hey…don’t let that get you down! At least you no longer have to share a closet and the remote control is all yours…


Here is close of my nails – LOL

Just a close up my latest nail work


Brett Kimberlin and the Justice of Google

The is something that cannot be ignored, its not a partisan issue.

Velvet Revolution

On November 19, 1989, the people of Prague, in the former state of Czechoslovakia, gathered to commemorate a massacre of Czech students by Nazi Germany fifty years earlier. By the end of the day, the gathering turned into a demonstration against a ruling  Communist government that had begun massacring Czechs and Slovaks from virtually the moment the Nazis were booted out. By December 29, 1989, without a shot fired, the protesters had driven out their Communist masters, electing poet, playwright, and political prisoner Vaclav Havel as interim President. This peaceful revolt by a peaceful people against their Stalinist puppet government became known as the “Velvet Revolution”.

On November 30, 2004, convicted terrorist bomber, drug dealer, and perjurer Brett Kimberlin formed a Maryland corporation for the purpose of soliciting tax-exempt donations from the public and charitable foundations, to promote an alleged “network of more than 100 progressive organizations reaching millions of…

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I thought the left were all about love and peace and unicorns – Didn’t Michael Moore just say hate will not sustain? or something.

Well which is it are the lefties blood-lusting warriors of big government hellbent on vengence or snuggly love-mongers who want to hug away the nations’ pain? These mixed messages are very confusing….