Hope Father’s day was Awesome!

I hope every Dad out there had a great Father’s Day.

I would like to share this cute video from an awesome YouTube Talent – enjoy


2 thoughts on “Hope Father’s day was Awesome!

  1. So, this is what it would have been like to have a son? I really missed out.

    • Gezabelle says:

      LOL – I have a college age son. He is awesome squared. We have the greatest intellectual debates on who was the better Captain Kirk or Picard. I would love to have a daughter – my son is amazing.

      Just FYI -The answer is of course James T Kirk., My boy persists in the delusion that Picard is better because he uses “logic, intellect, reason – blah blah blah… While Kirk’s answer to all problems is punch it or seduce it (he actually use a more profane term but this is a PG rated blog) While my Sonshine concedes Kirk is a savant at punching and seducing, he maintains the position that a captain needs to use more than his fists and his ummm masculine charms to be an effective leader.

      While I completely agree with my progeny’s observations on James T’s inclinations and overall conflict resolution strategies, I disagree with his conclusions. In fact, I think he has made my point on why Kirk is the better captain. I mean who is more badass – a fist swinging stud muffin or an Earl Grey slurping academic? I think the choice is obvious…

      …but I digress

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