Welcome to the World Little Mia!

Hello Cranky readers!

I had a great weekend with my beloved family! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.

We had a new addition to our little group with the birth of little Mia on Friday morning! Congrats to her wonderful parents John and Nancy and my sweetheart Albert on the birth of his beautiful niece.

As it is never to early to start thinking about you future, I have been explaining to little Mia that she has a great future as a tax accountant. I realize she is only three days old however I could tell Mia was very interested…

Mia’s mother is very understanding about Auntie Gez and her tax law obsession.

Let the week begin!


11 thoughts on “Welcome to the World Little Mia!

  1. benbrilliant says:

    You are very funny. Looking forward to reading more.

  2. You’re doing right by sharing the gift. Isn’t it shortly after birth that all prodigies emerge? I’m pretty sure all tennis stars and computer wizards and masters of tax law are born, then cultivated right?

    Keep on keepin’ on, girl. Good stuff.

    • Gezabelle says:

      That is exactly what I believe – I could tell she was listening intently. The girl is going to be a legend in the field of Taxation…

      • It’s in her genes. One day, perhaps she’ll ever blog about it.

      • Didn’t someone take you under her wing at a young and impressionable age?

      • Gezabelle says:

        Well about my childhood – this is a sad but true story.

        I was always an odd child – I loved office supplies for example. I would play office with my Barbies. (I also played Amazon Space Princess with my Barbies My Barbie Warrior Horde would do battle with the neighbor boys GI Joes – but I digress…)

        When I was around 3-4 years old, I used to beg my mother to give me the bills after she had finished paying them.

        I would write on them, look through them , sort them into piles etc.I remember the electric bill was one of my favorites. She to let me play with all the old bills until I had to many then it would make too much of a mess.

        When she would occasionally throw them in the trash – I would get very upset. I remember very sternly exclaiming she had thrown away my very important papers.

        A former partner told clients that my first words were Debit and Credit – not Mama and Dada. He might have been correct.

        So I think you are indeed correct – Tax Accountants are born… not made

  3. paywindow7 says:

    First, a hearty “welcome aboard” to young Mia and our wish for the best for herself and her family. On a more serious note: since genetics are, ummm genetic, a close watch when she reaches the bright and bubbly age of 3 might reveal a similar propensity for taxiness if she should also begin rummaging in the trash for monthly bills and obligations or request a tour of the local Office Depot instead of a standard birthday party. If so there are, nowadays, therapies and medications available that could help redirect the child’s interests into other means of self support like, well anything.
    Again congratulations “Aunty Gez”

    • Gezabelle says:

      Oh yes, I have big plans for little Mia… I’m looking for tiny pink filing cabinets, which don’t seem to be very easy to find apparently… hmmm I wonder why.

      On a serious note – we all thank you for your warm wishes on our precious baby girl!

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