Follow up Post Coming


Happy Friday Blog Readers!

I received a lot of requests for a follow up to the last post – I know it was really long but I didn’t want to chop it up. Those of you that  read it in its entirety in one setting – thank you.

Damon and I are planning a follow up – and should have it out next week.

I hope you all enjoy reading our amateur efforts it as much as we enjoy writing them. We thank you all for the great emails and the comments.

I think the comments made by readers are much more funny than my posts, you guys are my muse. I try to live up to your wit and it is difficult!

I love getting emails as well.  I have set up a separate email for this blog so I can be sure to read all the emails sent to me regarding the blog, I use an email that is not dedicated to the blog right now and some messages go to spam or they are mixed in with many other emails. This  new email address will be available to everyone – not just the readers who were given my personal email address.

The new email is –

I will not post any excerpts from any mail without permission. – FYI

Hope to hear from you!



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