Advice for the single people over 40….

Well, I don’t have too much good advice except – accept that it sucks to be you. But hey…don’t let that get you down! At least you no longer have to share a closet and the remote control is all yours…


Here is close of my nails – LOL

Just a close up my latest nail work


9 thoughts on “Advice for the single people over 40….

  1. paywindow7 says:

    I know it’s absolutely none of my business and I’ve been sitting on my hands to keep from typing the next question but as the shot down bank robber said in the Dirty Harry movie, “I got’s to know”. So I’ll just blurt it out like I learned in kamikaze school, what have you done to your finger nails? OMG Is that what tax lawyering does? Or do you need to have strange alien nails to do IRS litagation? Must be the small lens of the camera, I’m sure in real life it looks very cool. Please forgive me I’ve led a sheltered life.

    • Gezabelle says:

      LOL It is colored acrylic – I will post a close up pic.

      Some people get a french manicure – pink and white. I get a similar thing but with different colors. The acrylic doesn’t chip like nail polish – which is good if you have to type all the time.

      For a while I was too busy to get them done and it drove me even more insane. I have to have pretty nails. I get nail art done and sometimes have little fake jewels glued on them.

      I love being female – we get to do all the fun stuff like hair and nails.


  2. paywindow7 says:

    Truthfully they look very nice and we are also glad you are female.

  3. To compound matters, my daughter Miss Katherine told us yesterday that when you are in you 50s nobody cares what you look like (see blog on Sunday). However, you have 6 years to go and a) you’re American b) you’re attractive, so you have no worries. Also, you’d be a fantastic girlfriend to have at the end of the financial year.

    • Gezabelle says:

      LOL – maybe I could put that on a dating profile as added benefit…also – ongoing tax planning.

      I have been behind on my blog reading so I will have to read that Sunday post. It’s good to know I have 6 years until my expiration date 🙂

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