Hey – it’s finally Monday!!

I realize that the sane population of the world looks forward to the weekends – but for me, by Sunday night I am ready to get back to the office.

I may need to seek professional advice on this defect in my personality.

I took some time to do a video – I hope you will enjoy!


Hey where’s the party?… Political Party?

Hey blog readers! I feel I have to remind some business owners that a tax filing deadline is coming up for forms 1120, 1120S, 1041 & 1065. (oh and read my disclaimer)

However, I really need to get something off my chest (no comments from your perverts out there I know that sounded bad)- But what is up all this political obsession lately. C’mon people – there’s more to a person than their political affiliations. So how about we not irrationally hate people with opposing political views for just one day. How about we schedule that in for … oh I don’t know… hmm Saturday good your you guys? Let me know and I will update my outlook calendar.

Let’s all just “feel the love” for a moment and be happy that it’s Thursday.