Career Advice

What to choose as a career path is an important decision – sometimes a hopeful college student will beseech my opinion on tax law and accounting as an occupation.

I realize the glamour and prestige of the accounting profession is very seductive – however, one might want to consider their suitability to the demands of this challenging vocation – no matter how strong the allure. It is not all limo rides, champagne, caviar and lobster tails – there is a lot of hard work and drudgery.

For persons with realistic expectations of the lofty yet burdensome job of an accountant, I made this video to help any aspiring bean-counters determine if they have “the right stuff” to enter the noble field of accountancy or tax representation.

Enjoy –


8 thoughts on “Career Advice

  1. Love the part when you say an engaging personality won’t help you here. So many jobs like that!

  2. paywindow7 says:

    Semi-amusing anecdote here. My son who was a geology major called me near the end of his freshman year with the news that he wanted to change majors. He said the math was too much. OK says I, what do you want to go into? Accounting was the quick reply. Still haven’t figured that one out. But they must actually be different, he’s now a CFO for a corporation in Alabama. Must have been having to count all thiose rocks that weighed on him.

    • Gezabelle says:

      Yea counting rocks, that might weigh on anyone LOL

      Your son has my heartfelt compassion on having to become an accountant. I made that painful decision when I realized my career dreams of becoming an astronaut rock-star international super spy were just not realistic – I can’t sing at all..

  3. paywindow7 says:

    I get a ditto on the singing. Even though I occasionally flew intel with the US Navy (this was a little bit after John Paul Jones was last seen hoisting sails) the only thing I spy nowdays is the rise in gas prices.

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