Another day in the tax mines –

Hello blog readers!

I am still workin’ like a DAWG! – that is the hip spelling for dog. – I am soooo on the cutting edge of slanguage. Oh course, there are some people who disagree – but they are WRONG!

My college age son, for example, believes I am some archaic relic best left in a dark and musty office – only occasionally visited for tuition and book money. My beloved child recently asked me what life was like during the dinosaur age. I explained it was a great time to be alive, thanks to the dinosaurs there were A LOT less smart ass kids around to annoy the general populace.

Ah memories….

But I digress – where was I – oh yes, working like a dawg (see above explanation if you have a short attention span.) Ya know, this expression is a bit confusing to me since all the dogs I know are rather lazy lay-abouts. I have yet to see one of them do an honest day’s work – when I come home from a ten-hour work day do you think those canine freeloaders have done anything useful?

No, most likely they have made a huge mess chewing up their dog toys and are looking expectantly for some sort of undeserved treat. They do not even think to clean up their mess – do they even appreciate the expense I incur on dog food, dog treats, groomers, vet bills and dog related entertainment products? No, they don’t – they can barely even balance their bank statements, never remembering to put in debit card transactions on the check register or considering their scheduled automatic payments. I swear I am going to stop letting them shop on the internet.

Due to their lack of financial discipline the dogs are always borrowing funds from Rocco the cat – who is somehow always flush with capital. (cats are so mysterious – he is always on the phone and darting off in the middle of the night – I do not buy the explanation he is seeing his stock broker – it’s better not to get too involved in your cat’s life)

Pets are so much work…/sigh. Oh what I talking about – oh yes I have a lot of work to do today so I better get to it.


One thought on “Another day in the tax mines –

  1. Unless it’s a border collie, a dog seems quite opposed to a hard day’s work. Just today I saw a guy walking the dog, sufficiently warmed up and ready to start running with the dog. I’m sure he had these grand visions of getting fit with fido at his side (what a chick magnet).

    But right when he tugged the leash and said, “let’s go, boy!” the dog stopped, crunched up his back, a proceeded to drop a dog pile where step 1 of this man’s running adventure was to begin.

    What a dawg.

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