Career Advice

What to choose as a career path is an important decision – sometimes a hopeful college student will beseech my opinion on tax law and accounting as an occupation.

I realize the glamour and prestige of the accounting profession is very seductive – however, one might want to consider their suitability to the demands of this challenging vocation – no matter how strong the allure. It is not all limo rides, champagne, caviar and lobster tails – there is a lot of hard work and drudgery.

For persons with realistic expectations of the lofty yet burdensome job of an accountant, I made this video to help any aspiring bean-counters determine if they have “the right stuff” to enter the noble field of accountancy or tax representation.

Enjoy –


Another day in the tax mines –

Hello blog readers!

I am still workin’ like a DAWG! – that is the hip spelling for dog. – I am soooo on the cutting edge of slanguage. Oh course, there are some people who disagree – but they are WRONG!

My college age son, for example, believes I am some archaic relic best left in a dark and musty office – only occasionally visited for tuition and book money. My beloved child recently asked me what life was like during the dinosaur age. I explained it was a great time to be alive, thanks to the dinosaurs there were A LOT less smart ass kids around to annoy the general populace.

Ah memories….

But I digress – where was I – oh yes, working like a dawg (see above explanation if you have a short attention span.) Ya know, this expression is a bit confusing to me since all the dogs I know are rather lazy lay-abouts. I have yet to see one of them do an honest day’s work – when I come home from a ten-hour work day do you think those canine freeloaders have done anything useful?

No, most likely they have made a huge mess chewing up their dog toys and are looking expectantly for some sort of undeserved treat. They do not even think to clean up their mess – do they even appreciate the expense I incur on dog food, dog treats, groomers, vet bills and dog related entertainment products? No, they don’t – they can barely even balance their bank statements, never remembering to put in debit card transactions on the check register or considering their scheduled automatic payments. I swear I am going to stop letting them shop on the internet.

Due to their lack of financial discipline the dogs are always borrowing funds from Rocco the cat – who is somehow always flush with capital. (cats are so mysterious – he is always on the phone and darting off in the middle of the night – I do not buy the explanation he is seeing his stock broker – it’s better not to get too involved in your cat’s life)

Pets are so much work…/sigh. Oh what I talking about – oh yes I have a lot of work to do today so I better get to it.