Retraction – action

In Friday’s post FINALLY FRIDAY!! – the end of the week from Hades I called into question a certain lawyer’s competence and suggested he may have acquired his law license in a box of snack food.

On advice of counsel, I have been encouraged to retract my earlier statement and apologize to those I may have offended.

So… I would like to formally apologize to Frito-Lay the makers of Cracker Jack since 1997. I in no way intended to insult the delicious, crunchy popcorn caramelly goodness that is Cracker Jack by insinuating that your fine product had any culpability in the degradation of the legal profession.

The real culprit is …wait I am getting a call, what? I should just shut up before I get into anymore trouble? No, I did not realize since becoming my attorney you have twice as much gray hair as you did before I darkened the door of your office. …Really, you had to hire a shrink to cope with the stress. Is that why there is a pain and suffering reimbursement charge on my monthly retainer? I guess that is fair considering the nightmares and all. Well, okay then…

Uh – I am just going to reiterate that I am sorry Frito-Lay and leave it at that.


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