FINALLY FRIDAY!! – the end of the week from Hades

Friday is usually a bittersweet day, it is the end of the workweek which forces me to wait two whole days before I can start calling people and scheduling meetings.

However, this Friday I experiencing the same emotional response I see exhibited in most of the people I work with – happiness that the week is over.

Here is an example of what this week was like – during an online meeting when I was discussing the tax implications of an existing net operating loss carry forward on the client’s tax situation – an attorney had this keen observation – this is a direct quote – “The net operating loss isn’t reducing the tax liability at all. It is only reducing the Adjusted Gross Income.”

I sat in stunned silence for about 20 seconds – for those unfamiliar with tax terminology, the most effective way to reduce a tax liability is by reducing adjusted gross income. It is kind of like saying – I am not cheating on you I am just having intimate relations with your best friend.

After internally debating on the proper response, like – Uh, did you ride the short bus to law school? OR I did not realize that Cracker Jack was giving out licenses to practice law as a prize. I settled on explaining to Mr. I. Stupid Moron Esq. III, of the illustrious firm of Moron, Dimwit & Asinine LLP, his confusion on the concept of self-employment tax versus income tax. (The I. stands for Idiot – FYI)

Fortuitously, he was on chat instead of voice so I could preserve the moment for posterity with a screen capture.

So for once I am looking forward to the weekend. I plan on alternating between crying and drinking as a coping strategy.

Also, Laura and I are working on some fun videos of some of the more insane moments around the office. They should be out soon.

I leave you with Katy Perry


2 thoughts on “FINALLY FRIDAY!! – the end of the week from Hades

  1. You know, I fell for that whole “intimate relations with your best friend” thing once. Never again.

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