What a day!

Well it was an exhausting day, it was particularly taxing – get it taxing… like as in tax – I work in tax law – aren’t puns fun! Yeah I know – I am hilarious. What do you mean, in my dreams I’m hilarious?

Since I am so tired at the moment I will post something deep and meaningful tomorrow.

I would also like to apologize again for the North Korean Pop song. It was an exercise in unneeded suffering. However, even though it might have been a painful experience we all learned some valuable lessons on North Korean culture.

Such as:

1. Pop stars in North Korea wear more clothes than their Western Counterparts.

2. When you do a good job in the factory in North Korea your co-workers will decorate you with pretty flowers.

3. Song titles don’t always translate well from Korean to English.

4. That woman can sure make a lot of cloth.

I leave you with the distinguished cultural anthropologist Alfred Yankovic’s interpretation of current western Pop Music/ Stars.


5 thoughts on “What a day!

  1. Sunny says:

    Much better today thank you. You are hilarious. Just no more North Korean propaganda okay?

  2. The whole “wardrobe malfunction” phenomenon during the Korean Super Bowl halftime show leaves much to be desired, it turns out.

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