North Korea has pop stars?

Apparently they do – check out this mind-blowing video treat from Kim Jong Un’s gal pal Hyon Song-wol. The title of this musical confection is …you ready.?

…Are you sure?

The title is, and I am not making this up, Excellent Horse-Like Lady.

Really… I really do not want to even think about the choice of song title too much. My tiny brain can only process so much then it just goes blank… (refer to the two video examples posted earlier to see what happens when my brain melts)

This is considered “pop” music in North Korea. It makes me tired just watching it and I am a workaholic.

Warning – what is seen cannot be unseen –

I know that was bad of me, I am very sorry.

Here is a cute kitten video to counter the effects.


10 thoughts on “North Korea has pop stars?

  1. originols says:

    watched the video, I think i just lost my innocence forever!. The Kitten one was good touch.

  2. Sunny says:

    Oh, my. The kitten just didn’t do it for me. You owe us a good one tomorrow.

  3. paywindow7 says:

    wtf….pop stars huh? No wonder they stay pissed.

  4. Stephanie Russo says:

    North Korea has pop stars? North Korea has bad pop stars!

    You too can wear eyewatering pink and make cloth for the masses and have fame forever! Interestingly, the only ones who really care about her achievement were her fellow workers. Nobody else in the country gave a damn, apparently. Which is really hypocritical because I think the whole country has her to thank for their clothing.

    • Gezabelle says:

      I agree, the masses should have shown more gratitude. If not for her amazing cloth making skills they might all be nude.

      • The rhyming potential of nude and gratitude is too great not to miss.

        I therefore present, with oodles of faux-Shakesperean influence and not much clarity…

        Ode to the Masses Nude

        Oh, you masses nude!
        Wherefore hast thou not shown more gratitude?
        How great the clothing skills of Mistress Horse–
        Yet thine own ignorance betrayeth what thou should remorse.

        So go, you masses, go unclothed;
        And thou will reap what thou hast sowed!

      • Gezabelle says:

        Bravo! Truly a masterpiece! A fitting tribute indeed to the diligent efforts of Ms. Horse.

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