The Face of Vacant Magazine

The editor of Vacant Magazine said I was their new face. Well I am holding ’em to it. To commemorate this momentous honor – I chose some appropriate screen captures – enjoy. And thanks to Jocelyn for being such a pal and catching my finest career moments.


9 thoughts on “The Face of Vacant Magazine

  1. Stephanie Russo says:

    I want a Red Bull face like that…

  2. Your face epitomizes ‘vacant’ to such a glorious extent that I am almost considering legal action to claim it as a breach of copyright

  3. (Feel free to all post your own Vacant pictures to twitter. #UtterlyVacant)

  4. If a dinner date gives me this look, I immediately turn to racially insensitive or potty humor.

  5. Needle Lady says:

    You should not read/watch your blog while drinking coffee. Just kills me.

  6. Well done. You win the internets for today. Thank you so much!

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