RIP – my Asus laptop

I am sorry for the delayed post.

I am sad to announce that my beloved Asus laptop has passed on to computer heaven.

It’s last words to me were – USB device not recognized – then it went blank and was…gone.

I rushed it immediately to the geek squad at my neighborhood Bestbuy; they did all they could, it even looked like the laptop might pull through but alas… it was a fatal error. I am of course devastated.

I am sure everyone will understand that I need a few moments to mourn the passing… **sniff – we had such great times together, watching Netflix, tweeting til dawn and watching hours of cute kitten and puppy videos on YouTube. Oh cruel fate – WHY!!!

I was forced to go crawling back to my old HP laptop – which I had forsaken for the bright shiny new Asus- until I get a new replacement. So I will be able to resume my posts – as soon as my wounded heart is able to – which will probably be tomorrow morning.

Also I have more silly videos of me doing incredibly stupid things to share – courtesy of my assistant, Laura, who pretty much orchestrates the chaos that is my life.

Videos will posted on Fridays. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Here is Sunday’s politicians being funny –


12 thoughts on “RIP – my Asus laptop

  1. psychicquill says:

    How long did that Asus laptop last? SuperDad is trying to convince me to get one.

    • Gezabelle says:

      The laptop was not even a year old. I have built many computers with Asus boards so I was surprised when it died so quickly.

      • funnyphuppo says:

        A year is very short. I am quite surprised.

        I recently also retired my Dell laptop after 5 years of devoted service. To be fair, since I had to replace pretty much every part of it in the first 1 year, I can say it has served me devotedly for 4 years.

        Since this was my second Dell laptop, I have finally learned my lesson and now have a brand new Lenovo X1 that I love and plan to spend the next 5 years with (I was tempted to cheat with the Microsoft Surface when I read about it recently, however).

  2. originols says:

    so where did it go…in the recycle bin or u had a funeral…:D

  3. originols says:

    Btw i have just started blogging…would u mind taking a look,it can be very helpful and encouraging…

  4. Did the geeks give you a carcass in a plastic bag after the recovery efforts failed? I’ve had this done to me at the vet’s office, but never for electronics.

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