The evil that is a video conference call

I miss the days when people could not see you on conference calls.

An associate sent me some screen captures, I did not realize that I look like an idiot during these meetings.

I made a slide show to demonstrate how stupid I look- enjoy


147 thoughts on “The evil that is a video conference call

  1. cochrancj says:

    Lol. I’m so very happy the one person I have to regularly conference call abhors video… that looked like torture!

  2. skullandcrosstales says:

    hahaha! its hilarious that your associate not only captured the images but also sent them to you!
    I MUCH prefer to do phone only interviews – that way they can’t see when you get distracted or your eyes start to glaze over…

  3. Gotta say, those are pretty good! I’m sure I wouldn’t do much better, in fact, I’d probably have my finger in my nose at some point. Yuck.

  4. janoel17 says:

    Haha. LOL! Now i’m wondering what do I really look during the video calls! haha. Awesome post ma’am!

  5. Hahah, I bet you’re just a very emotive person. I’m going to guess it’s far more boring to have a videocall with someone who doesn’t move at all. Might aswell have a regular phonecall then ;p

  6. they are usually fine except there is always that one person who takes screen captures of you throughout the call.. I don’t know why they do that, if they want to embarrass you or if they just want to have pictures of you on their computer for some reason…

  7. Loved this! Don’t forget the pleasure of the mute button too. My faces would have been a lot worse. Congrats on being FP.

  8. windmillsandsheep says:

    At least you don’t have to suffer high definition video conferencing like I do! Every crack and wrinkle is magnified millions of times or all to see!

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