Dealing with Holidays

Okay I know everyone loves time off from work – except those of us that are obsessed with what we do for a living.

I love the whole celebration of freedom etc., but it has totally messed up my work week.

I already have to deal with the inconvenience of sleeping and eating – not to mention weekends. But to have to give up billiable time mid-week. …/sigh

I should have a longer post up soon, I am still studing for my US Tax Court test which takes up a lot of time.



3 thoughts on “Dealing with Holidays

  1. David says:

    We spent all week debating the concept of two Modays and two Fridays! Our office generally liked the holiday in the middle of the week, it was the two ends of the week that were a challenge.

  2. Gezabelle says:

    Yea that might be a bit of an issue

  3. yousuf says:

    agree its such a issue

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