Double Taxation – the blog

I love the blog Double Taxation: A Take On All Things Taxes by Tony Nitti. I have only one problem with it, he always writes some cool commentary on a tax court case before I even get a chance to read the TC opinions for the day. 

I think to myself OooOooh this is cool I can hardly wait until I get home and start typing. Then I get home and read Double Taxation – and guess what, Nitti has already wrote an awe inspiring take on the case. You …you… tax blogger… you grrrrrr.

My day is very full, I am meeting with clients, meeting with IRS auditors, talking with appeals or whatever for like 10 hours a day.I am also studying for the US Tax Court exam and my family seems to think I should at least try to act like a wife and mother occasionally. So I have only a few precious moments to amuse myself with blogging.

How does he find the time, I have an assistant and a partner and all that but I still have to work like a dawg! I hate Tony Nitti with every fiber of my being…(naw I don’t really hate him, he seems very nice on his blog…the %^*&#$)

But if you get a chance check out his site – its pretty cool.

Double Taxation: A Take On All Things Taxes


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