In an effort to be more fun…

It has come to my attention today – while I was delivering a tedious midday rant on certain so-called CPAs utter lack of understanding of guaranteed partner payments – that I am exceedingly boring. (Also that I get altogether too worked up by people WHO HAVE A CPA CERTIFICATE not understanding guaranteed partner payments)

The parties involved made a compelling argument, I cannot fault their logic or supporting evidence. So I am going take an evening off from studying for the USTC test and go to a karaoke bar.

I was able to con someone into joining me, despite what happened during the last attempt of fun and frivolity I was forced to endure. When I eviscerated some poor young attorney who was trying to pick up on me by loudly yelling at him he had absolutely no idea what he was talking about, that he was a complete moron and that his very existence degraded the entire legal profession. (He tried to assert the argument that the legal form of a transaction could outweigh economic substance in relation to a tax position.)

I vaguely remember telling him that I did not realize the state bar excepted Kellogg’s box tops as a substitution for the bar exam and he should demand a refund from Fred’s Discount Law School and Auto Body Repair Shop as they failed to provide him with even a basic understanding of the law or the importance of legal authority and precedence.. (no offense to those in auto repair industry – that is hard work)

It was not a pretty sight and it kind of did not help my single gal pals who were on the prowl during our “girls night out”. Let’s just say I am not a very good wing girl. I would also like to formally apologize to the VIP host at Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas – who was so professional during the entire evening and thank him for refraining from removing me from the premises after I demanded the pretentious scoundrel be removed from my cabana immediately. – I wish I were making this up and my husband did take me to task for emasculating someone who was just trying “lay his mac down”. To which I still hold the little weasel should not have engaged in the discussion in the first place since he was an idiot. (my husband had arrived at around 3 am to drive us all home and witnessed the exchange – he was mortified)

You can image just what a joy I am to have around at a social gathering. So let’s hope I can do better tonight.

I leave you with this…

and … this


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