Studying for the USTC exam

This November I am sitting for the written examination for admission to practice before the United States Tax Court for applicants other than attorneys. This will be my first attempt and hopefully my only attempt at this test. (because I will pass – not because I will give up – oh yes that coveted title will be mine)

Due to the approaching test date, I will not be making many long winded (written) posts, but will continue to update this blog everyday.

I am not having any issues so far with the past exam questions in relation to tax law, practice and procedure or attorney ethics. The tax law questions, while challenging, encompass issues I have defended or argued in the past.

The only difficulty I am experiencing is with Federal Rules of Evidence. I have two very brilliant attorneys tutoring me so the requisite knowledge is slowly sinking into the dense rock like matter in-cased in my head.

I work a lot with attorneys and have received positive feedback on my legal analysis of evidentiary rules from the poor saps – I mean suckers – uh I mean fine professional collegues that have bravely been coerced – uh I mean that volunteered their time to my somewhat nobel cause. Oh course, when I pass the test they get all sorts of free tax work so lets hope their investment pays off for them.

I have a great deal of experience in writing tax law analysis but evidence rules is something I have not really attempted to even understand. Whenever I have had to do litigation support the evidence stuff was the attorneys’ job, I just provided whatever was requested.

My long suffering family is used to my constant obsessive working and I am sure they are thinking of the increase in billable opportunities that a new designation will provide. Which in turn will mean increased income to purchase various man toys – such as paintball guns and video games. Oh and I am sure my son will want something as well – In addition to the outrageous financial requirements of his college tuition. 

I am just hoping finally afford to resume my former bad habits of reading fiction as opposed to tax references and CPE course materials. Although the 2012 master tax guide is truly gripping, and who can resist the heady allure of an online subscription to BNA Tax library, it’s seductive siren’s call is hard to resist. 

 Anyone who has any advice is encouraged to share it with me if they would be so kind.


2 thoughts on “Studying for the USTC exam

  1. Sherri says:

    Wow. You have online BNA? If only…

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