“Made in the World” as opposed to….

…not made in the world?

From the brilliant masterminds at the World Trade organization –


Today, companies divide their operations across       the world, from the  design of the product and manufacturing of components       to assembly and marketing, creating international production chains. More and more  products are “Made in the World” rather than “Made in the UK” or “Made in  France”. The statistical bias created by attributing the full commercial value  to the last country of origin can pervert the political debate on the origin of  the imbalances and lead to misguided, and hence counter-productive, decisions. The  challenge is to find the right statistical bridges between the different  statistical frameworks and national accounting systems to ensure that  international interactions resulting from globalization are properly reflected  and to facilitate cross border dialogue between national decision makers.

So new label requirements are going to balance trade or something? Maybe I am just to dense to understand the whole point of this initiative, somebody needs to explain it to me.

Here is the link to the WTO.


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