Congress vs Parliament

In an effort to better understand global politics, I have decided to learn more about the parliamentary system. Of course in order to better assess the distinctions between parliament and congress, I went to the font of all knowledge in our modern age Youtube.

First the US congress


Kind of boring, someone wake Harry Reid up! Give the man a Red Bull or something…

Now Parliament

WOW, now that is politics

As you can see parliamentary procedure is way more stimulating, I really like the funky bass line which is much more engaging than the droning monotone of congressional proceedings. What a great way to conduct government … What? That is Parliament-Funkadelic not an example of British Parliament? Are you sure? So this is a not debate on atomic radiation and house pets? Well, I guess that explains the rather casual attire.

Oh here we go – this is British Parliament

…except for the single lyric…order order I am not sure if I see the difference. Well granted George Clinton is much more watchable and what is with that blue tie?

(oh and I am really sorry about this post… it’s unjustifiably silly)


One thought on “Congress vs Parliament

  1. Gezabelle says:

    Yea this is a double post we are experiencing issues

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